Friday, October 29, 2010


The kind lady at the thrift shop called to tell me that she had received some sewing notions but "some people came and already bought some, and will you come to see if you find it interesting?" :)
I took maybe the ¼ of the sewing thread, all the zippers and all the binding, piping tapes! Lookit what I found! :

I had some fun sorting them:

I've found the cute luggage bag too, I'll store my notions in it. Need to go back and pay for it as the lady was busy..


  1. Wow -- What a haul and such great stuff too. All those notions are quite a find and that stuff isn't cheap at the fabric stores.

  2. Thanks! yes it's expensive stuff, some of the zips were marked 3.60 and they were old looking labels.. I'm very lucky! if they are some spools left when I go back monday I can host a give away if people are interested!