Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas swap...

I've participated in a swap on Ravelry in the Trash to Treasure group. The idea was to send someone a package with all thing recycled or from stash... I don't have news yet from the lady I sent my parcel to but just take a look at what I was very surprised to received ;)

First the bell rang and this was waiting for me outside the door... it weighted a ton!

A very clever box if I may say so! I was able to pull it to its original shape.
A peek of what it looked like when I opened it:

And all that was inside its guts....

That was a LOTS of stuff, friends...! She put in:
-some cool bamboo knitting needles
- a magasine
-2 different straps for bags
- and lots of little gifts...

Here's the first one I opened:

She was gracious enough to knit me a mushroom hat and some fabulously cute stitch markers (that she made herself too!!)

And here's another one:

Some funny buntings for Xmas, that she sew, some essential oil (candy cane) and tea.
She even sent my kids stuff!:

The glitter for my oldest, the puzzle for my son and some elleptical toy (what's the name???) for the "baby"...
All wrapped in nice crisp cotton fabrics! even got some snoopy!
Am I not a lucky lucky girl and isn't she a generous kind lady?????? Thank you so much Kim Anh for this wonderful package, I made a happy dance in the kitchen while looking at all this stuff you graciously sent my way!
It really made me want to send stuff to others, so they could be as happy as you made me!
I developped the other gifts later, and I'll be posting about them a little later, need to take pics ;)

And the winner is???

So! Here is a list I made of all the people who put a comment on the give away:

1- Nel
2- Nathalie J
3- Demolition Witch
4- AngZee
5- Recycle Cindy
6- Lori Matteson
7- Diane
8- Alana
9- Minervas-hand
10- (Sorry I don't have your name!)

And I'll omit my husband if you don't mind.... ;)

Now I made a research on google for a number generator and you will have to believe me that it's not my number because I don't know how to make it appears here (if someone is kind enough to tell me how I would appreciate it!)

Here you go, the number is... drum is rolling....

Nathalie J is the happy winner!
I'll be sending an email today, congrats!
Wow that was fun... now I need to find some more stuff to make another give away!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A give away!

So! To celebrate my super find I'll host a give away of some sewing supplies... ;)
Include in the package:
  • sewing thread spools: diverse colors, polyester or cotton covered poly.
  • 3 packs (cream, green, brown) double fold biais tape.
  • 1 pack denim blue seam binding tape.
  • Ribbons : 2 spools of 1/8 pale blue and pale yellow, 160" (1.5m) of various kind (including alphabet print one).

Here a pics of my 3 monsters yesterday! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010


The kind lady at the thrift shop called to tell me that she had received some sewing notions but "some people came and already bought some, and will you come to see if you find it interesting?" :)
I took maybe the ¼ of the sewing thread, all the zippers and all the binding, piping tapes! Lookit what I found! :

I had some fun sorting them:

I've found the cute luggage bag too, I'll store my notions in it. Need to go back and pay for it as the lady was busy..

Monday, October 4, 2010


I just saw that I didn't post that much in september! I'll try and do better in october! But... lots of stuff on my to do list and lots of them is for Xmas gifts ;) so no showing before that! Here's what I made last week...
I'll start with yet another bucket bag :) I made this one for the 40th birthday of my neighbor and friend ( Hi Gen!). I used a small scrap of really bright fushia flower print and started from there (used cotton remnant and black jeans too)... Can you tell she loves pink?! I made a kanzashi flower to go with it. I'm very happy with the results!

Now for my new and fun stuff! I saw some tee-shirts scarves around the net and got inspired to try some myself... I reaaally liked sewing them, it's so much fun choosing the t-shirts and assembling them together! I'll be definitely doing more of them. These 2 will be put for sale (I already put them on facebook). I named them Tee-lard (t-shirt and foulard (scarf in french)).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

On a bag roll!

I think I'm on a bag roll lol! A LYS asked to see some of my stuff and since there's nothing in inventory I need to start building one... The first one is not for knitting stuff I think it's more handbag style. I made it out our fabric remnants, reclaimed buttons. And I'm very happy with its looks :)
(ETA... I didn't remember I already made a post about this bag... LOL! sorry to be talking about it twice!)

The second one is my first finished knitting bag for the LYS. I made it to match the needle roll I made previously. Made out of jeans, fabric remnant, part of a reclaimed belt, reclaimed zips and buttons. I like it a lot!

And be happy! Life is smilling everywhere!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sewing week-end!

I've been sewing not like crazy but I may say it has been productive! I'll start with the new bag I made. I used old curtain (beige fabric) and fabric remnant. I'm quite happy with the big flower at the front... It gives the bag some caracter it was really lacking. The buttons at the back are different from the front because I only had 2 of them... What do you think of the final product?

I've been making more panties too! I really need some ;) I took these:

Cherries Cami and a baby blanket
And turn them into these:

I really squeeze 2 pairs for Camille in the cherry cami and had to use another t-shirt for the lining. I was able to make two pairs for me in the baby blanket too.. It's been a nice week-end even though I had to push myself for getting started...

Monday, August 16, 2010

First bag for sale!

Here's the first bag available for sale!!! ( I already sold 3 bags but didn't have time to post it before :) so it's the first one that I post and not sold yet...)
I made it out of linen blouse, men's shirt and it's lined with jeans.

Business Name!

I'm all happy I've found a name for my "business" (bags, cosmetic pouches, purses and the like).
I will call it " Cul de Sac" in english it means dead end but in french a bag is sac... It's kind of cute I think ;)

Here's the pencil case I made for my daughter who asked for a princess...


She's very happy with it!
I'm almost done with my circular shawl!! 2/3 of the bind off to go ;) Pics coming soon...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pencil case for Julien!

So, what have I been up to???!! I did some stuff for a friend who asked for a knitting bag (Hi Suzanne!!) but you won't see picture of it... Don't want her to see her stuff before I give it to her ;)

To make you wait for these here's some pencil case I made for my son! He requested something mario bros related. I need to make one for my oldest too...

It took me 1h45 to embroidered but was worth it as my son is quite happy with it.

Made out of jeans and remnant of his room's curtain! I love this pattern and it's so easy to sew (about 20 min).

Still working on a circular shawl to go with my fabulous red shoes...