Monday, October 4, 2010


I just saw that I didn't post that much in september! I'll try and do better in october! But... lots of stuff on my to do list and lots of them is for Xmas gifts ;) so no showing before that! Here's what I made last week...
I'll start with yet another bucket bag :) I made this one for the 40th birthday of my neighbor and friend ( Hi Gen!). I used a small scrap of really bright fushia flower print and started from there (used cotton remnant and black jeans too)... Can you tell she loves pink?! I made a kanzashi flower to go with it. I'm very happy with the results!

Now for my new and fun stuff! I saw some tee-shirts scarves around the net and got inspired to try some myself... I reaaally liked sewing them, it's so much fun choosing the t-shirts and assembling them together! I'll be definitely doing more of them. These 2 will be put for sale (I already put them on facebook). I named them Tee-lard (t-shirt and foulard (scarf in french)).


  1. I love them both. Your t-shirt scarves look very much in style. I love them.