Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the winner is???

So! Here is a list I made of all the people who put a comment on the give away:

1- Nel
2- Nathalie J
3- Demolition Witch
4- AngZee
5- Recycle Cindy
6- Lori Matteson
7- Diane
8- Alana
9- Minervas-hand
10- (Sorry I don't have your name!)

And I'll omit my husband if you don't mind.... ;)

Now I made a research on google for a number generator and you will have to believe me that it's not my number because I don't know how to make it appears here (if someone is kind enough to tell me how I would appreciate it!)

Here you go, the number is... drum is rolling....

Nathalie J is the happy winner!
I'll be sending an email today, congrats!
Wow that was fun... now I need to find some more stuff to make another give away!

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