Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas swap...

I've participated in a swap on Ravelry in the Trash to Treasure group. The idea was to send someone a package with all thing recycled or from stash... I don't have news yet from the lady I sent my parcel to but just take a look at what I was very surprised to received ;)

First the bell rang and this was waiting for me outside the door... it weighted a ton!

A very clever box if I may say so! I was able to pull it to its original shape.
A peek of what it looked like when I opened it:

And all that was inside its guts....

That was a LOTS of stuff, friends...! She put in:
-some cool bamboo knitting needles
- a magasine
-2 different straps for bags
- and lots of little gifts...

Here's the first one I opened:

She was gracious enough to knit me a mushroom hat and some fabulously cute stitch markers (that she made herself too!!)

And here's another one:

Some funny buntings for Xmas, that she sew, some essential oil (candy cane) and tea.
She even sent my kids stuff!:

The glitter for my oldest, the puzzle for my son and some elleptical toy (what's the name???) for the "baby"...
All wrapped in nice crisp cotton fabrics! even got some snoopy!
Am I not a lucky lucky girl and isn't she a generous kind lady?????? Thank you so much Kim Anh for this wonderful package, I made a happy dance in the kitchen while looking at all this stuff you graciously sent my way!
It really made me want to send stuff to others, so they could be as happy as you made me!
I developped the other gifts later, and I'll be posting about them a little later, need to take pics ;)


  1. Oh yay! I did a happy dance here because you liked it so much! It's so much fun treating others. Can you believe that was all stuff I was decluttering? Well, not the chocolate. I could eat that all myself! Lol! The toy for "baby" is called a kaleidoscope - it's just a lot of fun to watch the designs change. And I forgot to mention - the red leafy thing is 'the Strozzi necklace'...I meant to keep going and make you tree garland, but I got impatient working on it. It'll be sooooo awesome when you open your Christmas gift! :-)

  2. Il y a de la belle générosité dans l'air...